ZenSit - Stimulated Sitting for Children with Special Needs

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  • Amazingly Comfortable: With a specially engineered smooth, soft and conforming surface design, ZenSit is far more comfortable than virtually all gym balls, wobble discs, stools and chairs on the market today. Most children notice this difference instantly and love ZenSit’s special comfort.
  • Socially Subtle – The ZenSit wobble cushion won’t make your child feel uncomfortable from unwanted attention. With a subtle size, shape and color, It blends seamlessly into your child’s sitting environment and fits easily into any bag.
  • Unlike ordinary ADHD tools like balls, discs, toys and bands that simply distract, this cushion satisfies sensory needs and adds comfort and support to the rigid seating typically used in learning environments.
  • Portability – Child seats need to be light weight and easy to handle. Weighing only 4 oz and measuring 12” x 9” when fully unfolded, ZenSit is completely pocket-portable and can be taken from class to class, or anywhere else it’s needed. Whether it’s at school, at home, in a movie theater, or at a restaurant, your child will always be able to take this sensory therapy cushion wherever you and your child go.
  • Premium Material and Easy Care: ZenSit child seat is made of premium ecofriendly and easy-to-clean coated canvas, you’ll only need a damp sponge or cloth to wipe it down when needed.
  • Sensory Integration - Children with special needs no longer have to suffer from the lack of room to wiggle while sitting outside of home and school. This cushion provides all the sensory integration they need anywhere they sit.
  • Improves Posture - The hours your child spends at school accumulates over time and lead to bad posture. Our ZenSit child seat cushion will allow your child to maintain good posture throughout the day.
  • Active Mind - Active sitting, active mind. Make sure your child stays focused to the best of their abilities. Sitting actively will help to improve concentration, energy, and creativity.
  • Enhances Core Stability - The ZenSit is designed to allow you to engage your core, keeping it strong and stabilized.
  • Lumbar Support - The ZenSit is also engineered to function as a special lumbar comfort support to protect children’s lumbar while sitting. Such child lumbar support is especially important and beneficial in children’s car seats that are generally designed to be collision safe but spinal health damaging.
  • Indispensable to All Children: given the importance and challenges in helping children improve their sitting posture, boost creative mind, build a stronger core, and maintain spinal health, ZenSit is not only indispensable to children with ADHD or ADD, but also indispensable to ALL children of any age.