Skil-Care - Resident-Release Nylon Belt (42" x 2")

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Skil-Care Resident-Release Nylon Belts are designed to help provide proper positioning and seating. These wheelchair belts can be easily opened by most mobility patients. These belts are not considered to be restraints when used by residents who have the ability to open them at will or upon request. However, they become physical restraints when used by residents who are unable to release them. The length of the wheelchair safety belt is adjustable to fit the needs of the patient. The belt easy attaches to the wheelchair back. Select between different belt lengths and different closure devices—Quick Connect/Disconnect or Hook and Loop. Manufactured with nylon, these wheelchair seat belts are easy to wipe clean with a spray disinfectant.

  • Easily attaches to wheelchair.
  • Adjustable to needs of patient.
  • Helps position the patient.
  • Promotes proper seating.
  • Easy to clean with damp cloth or disinfectant.