Skil-Care Hidden Letter Glitter Shapes

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"Research now shows that mental effort can further stimulate new brain cell growth. Mental effort stimulates the generation of new brain cells that migrate to the area where cells are needed as well as the surrounding cells to perform the necessary functions. This is especially important for those who are recovering from brain injury.

To improve cognitive fitness the goal is to turn inactive brain cells into healthier active brain cells. Cognitive training is
organized, ongoing activity that requires some effort and challenging new thought. The best way to improve and maintain cognitive health is through deliberate brain exercises. To be successful, cognitive training should be designed for each individual's needs. Cognitive training works best when it is gradual, consistently ongoing and adapted as performance improves. The training programs shouldn't be too difficult or too easy, but should maintain interest without frustrating the participant.


Skil-Care Hidden Letter Glitter Shapes are filled with a non-toxic gel and incorporates letters in the background. Research shows that the mental effort required for sensory motor and perceptual activities can stimulate new brain cell growth. The best brain fitness activities are those that are new and challenging. The Skil-Care Hidden Letter Glitter Shapes can be used to assist with visual perception, prewriting skills, letter recognition and tactile awareness. You may choose from A,E,I,O,U