Skil-Care - 8 Spoke Snow Flake Gel Pad (Clear) 912449C


These multi-modal gel pads are effective in reducing anxiety,boredom, and serve as a tool in training for hand-eye coordination and improve finger strength and dexterity. Their clear feature allows them to also be used with the light box.

• Touch responsive gel shape encourages manipulation for tactile and visual stimulation

• Helps reduce boredom and anxiety

• Soothing water based gel encourages hand  activities for improving hand-eye
  coordination,finger strength, and dexterity

• Can be used with a light box 

• Pads can be warmed or cooled for developing thermal recognition

• Variety of colors aid in color recognition

• Can be easily wiped clean


Purpose:  These multi-modal products address sight and touch and are effective in reducing anxiety, boredom and also serve as a tool in training for eye-hand coordination and also improve finger strength and dexterity.

Easy to Use: These sensory pads should be placed on a surface convenient to the child. The individual should be encouraged to move the marbles around the shape or to trace their finger along the contour of the sensory pad. These pads may be warmed in warm water or cooled in the refrigerator to enhance recognition of heat or cold. Since the marble components present a possible choking hazard these products shouldn’t be used for persons cognitively under (3) years old. In addition, these products must always be used under the direct supervision of a care giver.

Easy Care:  These vinyl pads are heat sealed and can be cleaned with a mild detergent. Although the gel is non-toxic, medical care should be consulted if the gel is ingested. If a tear or rip is observed the unit should be discarded.


Caution Possible choking hazard. Do not use for persons cognitively under three (3) years old.