Osaki OS-4000CS with L track and Zero Gravity

Osaki OS-4000CS with L track and Zero Gravity
Osaki OS-4000CS with L track and Zero Gravity
Osaki OS-4000CS with L track and Zero Gravity

Osaki OS-4000CS with L track and Zero Gravity

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Osaki OS-4000CS Features

Osaki OS-4000CS L Track

L-Track Massage Roller

The Osaki OS-4000CS Massage Chair comes equipped with a 42” L Shaped Roller Track. The L Shaped Track allows the massage roller to start at your neck and extend all the way down your back and then wrap underneath your buttocks and thighs.

Osaki OS-4000CS Body Scan Technology

Body Scan Technology

The OS-4000CS comes equipped with body scan technology. The chair will scan your back in order to find the width and height along with the acupressure points along your back. This will make the massage tailored to your body and feel like a truly custom massage.

Osaki OS-4000CS Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Position

Just hit the button and your legs will rise and the backrest will recline to the Zero Gravity position. This position was inspired by NASA and scientifically proven to reduce compression along your spine. This is one of the best positions to receive a massage.

Osaki OS-4000CS Space Saving Technology

Space Saving Technology

An innovative track on the Osaki OS-4000CS Massage Chair allows the chair to slide forward as it reclines without needing much space behind the chair. Many massage chairs need more than 2’ of space where the OS-4000CS only need 4” of space to the wall which great for small rooms.

Osaki OS-4000CS Air Massage

Air Compression Massage

The Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair has the next-generation 24 airbag compression system is designed to massage the shoulders, lumbar, waist, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Use the airbags with the massage roller for a full-body therapeutic massage that will alleviate the pains and tensions from your day.

Osaki OS-4000CS Shoulder Adjustment

Adjustable Shoulder Massage

Osaki listened to their customers and came up with a solution to allow people with broader shoulders to comfortably fit in a massage chair. This innovative 3 Step adjustable shoulder massage is an innovative feature that makes the 4000CS even more versatile.

Osaki OS-4000CS Extendable Ottoman

Spring Loaded Extendable Ottoman

The Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair has an ottoman that has an extendable ottoman in order to accommodate taller people. It is spring-loaded so all you have to do is push with your legs to extend it out. This is a great feature when you use automatic programs that constantly move the chair from a recline to an upright position.

Osaki OS-4000CS Heat

Lumbar Heat

At the touch of a button, add heat to the lower back area. This relaxing and therapeutic heat will help to loosen up the muscles and vertebrae for a better and deeper massage and it also feels awesome.

Osaki OS-4000CS Vibration


Turn the vibration on any more to enjoy a soothing vibration through the massage chair that is very relaxing.

Osaki OS-4000CS Automatic Programs

Automatic Programs

The Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair has 6 automatic programs that are designed to bring you maximum relief. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the Deep Tissue Massage, Relax Mode, Full Air Compression Massage, Energy Stretch, Manual Air, and Dual Action Swing.

  • Deep Tissue - Deep Tissue is a hard massage designed to really work your muscles for a deep massage.
  • Relax Mode - The Relax mode will help relieve the tension and stress from your day. The Full Air only operates the airbags for a soothing compression massage.
  • Full Air - Full Air Mode will only operate the air compression massage throughout all 24 airbags to help promote blood circulation.
  • Energy Stretch - The Energy Stretch will help to provide flexibility in the joints and ligaments while invigorating and rejuvenating you.
  • Manual Air - Manual Air allows you to turn and off specific airbags to target the muscles where you need a massage the most.
  • Dual Action - Dual-Action massage is a full body massage that will also swing the chair that will relax you gently.
Osaki OS-4000CS Remote Control

Remote Control

The east to use remote control features an LCD screen to show what functions your massage chair is currently performing. The functions and features are quickly at your fingertips.


  2. L-Track Massage
  3. Space Saving Technology
  4. Heat on Lumbar
  5. Foot Air Massage
  6. Zero Gravity
  7. Dual Action Massage
  8. 3-Level Shoulder Adjustment


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