Luxor Health Massage Chair F Series

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LUXOR HEALTH F Series Massage Chair


We are now offering our incredible New F Series Massage Chair (MSRP $8,900.00). Wholesale Direct price once in stock will be $3,949.00*, but you can save $300.00** by paying up front and reserving your chair now! $3,649.00. This chair comes with an extended longer SL track that goes even lower down the back. It has a waist Twist function and has a slide forward feature on the base when reclining bringing it forward away from the wall. 


**Early-bird price will be $3,649.00 (discount applied at checkout or feel free to contact us for details. ). Shipping will occur once the stock has reached our showroom.  





1) Incredible Foot Massage: Most chairs with foot roller massage come with a couple sets of rollers doing the arch of the foot and the front section of the foot, our Luxor Health F Series chair comes with 3 sets of rollers doing the heel, arch of foot and front even your toes. Air massage most chairs are open on the front and only have an airbags on each side of each foot, our Luxor Health F Series chair comes with a closed front and this allows airbags on top of the toes and feet to intensify the foot and toes roller massage, it has 4 airbags on each side of each foot and even a massager behind the heels. There is also magnetic therapy in the calves section. 


2) Base of head, side of neck and top of shoulders massage: Our F series chair has the forward and back 4.7 inches of travel the most in the industry, most average from 2 to 3 inches. This along with flipping back the head cushion you can lay your head back into the upper part of the massage chair; next bring the massage unit out the 4.7 inches to the sides of your neck. Finally close the width to the sides of your neck and place the chair in kneading massage, this will then give you a most incredible base of head, side of neck and top of shoulders massage you cannot get from other massage chairs.

(Deepest 3D massage in the industry at 4.7 inches, and the best base of heads, side of neck and top of shoulders massage in the industry).


3) You can save massages in this chair once you know how to use the controls


4) Waist Twist functions the seat goes side to side and along with the hip and kidney air bags they alternate to give you a wonderful waist twits effect.


5) Waist stretch massage where it grabs your shoulder/bicep and your calves at the same time, then it drops the backrest and legs to give you a great lower back stretch.


6) An air massage function that turns off the back massager and you can actually turn off all air massage of the chair to sit and only get a full foot and leg massage while watching TV relaxing.


7) The recline and foot and leg buttons all work without turning on the chair so you can adjust it just for relaxing and watching TV or listening to music.


8) If you were to fall asleep in the chair while getting a massage once the timer runs out it stays in its position as to now awake you, once you awake then you just hit the power button to return to the upright position.


9) Built in speakers with Bluetooth for relaxing to music along with mobile app available.


10) Chair comes with 74 airbags


11) Extended SL Track gives a 10 cm longer track then the G2 Series chair, it is 10 cm in length all at the bottom of travel on a curved track so you get a lower massage on the back to Buttocks.


12) This chair has added heat therapy to the lower back.


13) Extended back bottom cover for easier access to internal components and to allow you to keep it close to the wall, the base of the chair also moves forward when reclining keeping it away from the wall.


15) $20,000.00 USA funds were paid out to get cETLus electrical certification done on this chair, this is as good as CSA and qualifies it for all of North America.