Luxor Health Inversion Table LH-1

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Original Price $759.99
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Introducing our newest and most incredible Inversion table yet! We have done upgrades across the board on this model, making it above and beyond others on the market.

We have seen cheaper copies, and the same unit without the upgrades, selling for up to and over $2,000.00. We have had these units made to our specs to make it a superior inversion table compared to most on the market. Stainless steel hardware, incline locking mechanism instead of cheap steel pin and extended foot locking handle with easy release so you do not have to bend over all the way getting in and out.

We have exclusive rights to this model for all of Canada and have reduced our price to it`s lowest to get them out there for all to see.

Have you ever used an inversion table before? If not, just ask and we will inform you on proper and safe use of this product.



We upgraded all stainless steel hardware on this unit and none of the others did.

We had the foot locking handle extended for easier use getting in and out of the unit, only we did this.

A unique folding design where the front when folded out cups the back frame legs so when the weight of the user is pressing down it makes the joint tighter for a solid and stable design.

Instead of a long threaded pin to turn in and out we added the heavy incline locking mechanism for much easier use.