KEISER - Rack and a Half 9'


Rack and a Half

MODEL 3120


Space is always in short supply in a weight room, so we designed our Rack and a Half for maximum work in minimum space. While large in appearance, the Rack and a Half supports up to three lifters at one time. One benching, squatting, overhead pressing, etc. on the Half Rack end; one in the Power Rack squatting or overhead pressing; and one doing Olympic lifts with our optional Lifting Platform. The Half Rack and Power Rack areas have their own resistance controls. The Rack and a Half is the only Rack that comes standard with the Hardwood Maple Insert.


  • Allows training at any speed, from controlled to explosive, for improved power
  • Unique hybrid design combines smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance and free weight resistance to emphasize not only strength training but also speed and stability training
  • All in one system to accomplish more in less space
  • Frame is constructed of 11 gauge steel. All frame components are placed in a “jig” welding fixture which is used to insure parts are located in exact position each time, thus ensuring consistent fabrication
  • Customizable workouts for all users
  • A rack to fit every need
  • Dual displays to satisfy both user and trainer
  • ADA compliant - Section 44 Disabled Access Tax Credit


HEIGHT - 107.5” / 2731 mm
WIDTH - 83” / 2108 mm
DEPTH - 145" / 3683 mm
WEIGHT - 1805 lbs / 819 kg
RESISTANCE RANGE - 0 - 200 lbs / 0 - 91 kg