KEISER - A300 Squat


A300 Squat

MODEL 1531


The A300 Squat was one of the first machines Keiser created. It remains extremely popular because of its ability to develop strength, speed, and power using smooth resistance. People of every age and ability can use the A300 Squat to develop their explosive power. It features self‑adjusting shoulder pads, a wide base and an adjustable bottom position to help prevent knee injuries. It also lets athletes train the essential triple extension” (a full lock of their hips, knees, and ankles) for speed and power. 

Features you won’t find in conventional machines

  • Large digital display that shows resistance, sets, repetitions, and peak power

  • Thumb buttons let you change resistance without changing position — even during exercise

  • Fast, easy, and precise eccentric overloading

  • Change resistance in increments as small as one pound

  • Industry-leading lifespan and uptime for years of use

  • Unique versatility; five ways to train instead of only one

  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users