KEISER - A250 Seated Chest Press


A250 Seated Chest Press

MODEL 1321


This machine replicates the movement of a free‑weight bench press, but in a comfortable seated position. This not only maximizes comfort, it also minimizes floor space. Unlike conventional machines that use iron, the A250 Seated Chest Press’ low‑inertia design gives you a smooth resistance. The result is a workout unlike anything else on the market. And it’s perfect for people at any fitness level — from older adults to elite athletes.

Features you won’t find in conventional machines

  • Bilateral movement to train muscle symmetry

  • Cost‑effective way to provide strength training options

  • Large digital display that shows resistance, sets, repetitions, and peak power

  • Thumb buttons let you change resistance without changing position — even during exercise

  • Fast, easy, and precise eccentric overloading

  • Change resistance in increments as small as one pound

  • Industry-leading lifespan and uptime for years of use

  • Unique versatility; five ways to train instead of only one

  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users