KEISER - A250 Leg Extension


A250 Leg Extension

MODELS 1121 AND 1122


The quadriceps are one of the most powerful muscle groups we have. They are responsible for much of our stability and mobility. This Leg Extension features a seat that adjusts forward and back without changing its tilt for maximum comfort. An optional range‑limiting device (Model 1122) lets you set the starting and ending points in the range of motion. The perfect match to the A250 Leg Curl, the A250 Leg Extension gives you a smooth resistance that protects the body from shock loading. 

Features you won’t find in conventional machines

  • Bilateral movement to train muscle symmetry

  • Cost‑effective way to provide strength training options

  • Large digital display that shows resistance, sets, repetitions, and peak power

  • Thumb buttons let you change resistance without changing position — even during exercise

  • Fast, easy, and precise eccentric overloading

  • Change resistance in increments as small as one pound

  • Industry-leading lifespan and uptime for years of use

  • Unique versatility; five ways to train instead of only one

  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users

  • Thick base for added stability