Helping Hand Shoehorn helper

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  • At 26"/65cm the Shoe Helper shoe horn helps you put your shoes on but reduces your need to bend.
  • The grabber retrieves and holds your shoe and the shoe horn helps slide your feet into the shoe.
  • The extra long shoe horn has a contoured design making it easy to slide your foot in and out.
  • The plastic shoe horn is smooth and gently against the skin - great for personal use or as a gift.
  • The long handled Shoe Helper makes it easy to get your shoes on and off


Probably the most independent dressing aid of its kind, the long
handled Shoe Helper can be used to retrieve items from around the
home whilst the integral shoe horn can help with all types of
footwear. An ideal and much more versatile alternative to a long
and heavy metal shoe horn.

Wrestling your feet into shoes will not only damage the heel but
also reduce the lifespan of your shoes too. Therefore, lots of
people rely on a shoe horn to put on tight fitting shoes.
The extra long handled Shoe Helper will not only help you get
your shoes on whilst reducing the need to bend, but it will also
grab the shoe and hold it in place too, helping you to maintain
an independent lifestyle.

The Shoe Helper Shoe Horn and Grabber has lots of features too:

- At 26" / 65cm the extra length can help to reduce the need to
bend - great for anyone struggling to reach their feet including
bad back suffers, or people recovering after hip or knee surgery
- buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member.
- The Shoe Helper will pick up or pull the shoe into position,
holding it steady whilst you slide your foot in
- The long handled Shoe Helper is great for putting on or taking
off shoes when either sitting or standing
- The plastic shoe horn has smooth and round edges to prevent
damage to shoes
- It works with all types of shoes including boots too
- Its compact design means you can take your Shoe Helper with you
wherever you go

The Helping Hand Company produces a range of products
specifically designed to help maintain your independence
- aids for the elderly
- aids for the disabled
- aids for arthritis hands
- hip replacement aids
- knee replacement aids
- single handed and stroke aids