AMG - Dex4 Glucose Tabs - Tubes - 12/box, 3bx/case

Dex4® is the only brand of glucose tablets that offers your customers what they want most: choice, convenience and control. 


Great tasting watermelon, chocolate-marshmallow, orange, tropical fruit, strawberry, raspberry, citrus punch and grape flavours to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. What’s more, they’re fat-free and contain no sodium, caffeine or cholesterol! Even more, the watermelon and chocolate-marshmallow tablets are dye free!

Reduce the risk of over treatment with quick dissolving Dex4® tablets. Because they provide precisely 4 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates it’s easier to calculate what you need with no unnecessary calories


Item #:

  • Strawberry 006-311V
  • Orange 006-312V
  • Tropical 006-314V
  • Watermelon 006-315V
  • Raspberry 006-316V
  • Citrus Punch 006-317V
  • Grape 006-318V
  • Assorted Fruit 006-319V
  • Chocolate Marshmallow 006-320V

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