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The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus is unlike any other massage chair ever produced, a certified Class I Medical Device. Designed in Japan, the Sogno features an unprecedented 101 air cells that reach along the entire length of your body, from head to fingertip to toe, while advanced robotic arms and rollers mimic human hand movements along the full length of your spine. What’s more, each massage is customized to your own body profile.

Having been introduced to Canada in the summer of 2008, the Sogno can now be found in
the homes and offices of doctors, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, professional athletes, and pain clinics – a testament to its effectiveness and quality. For these and many other Sogno owners, waiting weeks for expensive massage appointments is now a thing of the past.

o Chair developed by the inventor of the robotic massage chair in 1962

o Designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan

o Inada spent over 4 years and $50 million developing it

o Worked with 7 different universities, 10 research facilities and 100 engineers

o Full time Massage and Shiatsu experts worked to mimic human hands and programmed each program to give a carefully orchestrated massage, rather than random movements sequenced together. It is a full therapy session working precise pressure points in the exact sequence that a shiatsu therapist would use. No other chair manufacturer does this.

o 101 air massage cells, 13 motors, massages over 1200 sq inches

o FDA Class I medical device

30 days warranty on demo unit chairs 


Shiatsu Point Locator

The location of Shiatsu points varies by body type. Before each massage, the infrared sensor in the Sogno automatically detects these points, allowing for a more comfortable and effective massage.


Neck and Shoulder Air Massage

This system gently lifts up the neck from both sides to stretch and knead the muscles. Built-in adjustable pads apply shiatsu pressure to the top of the shoulders while air cells provide firm pressure to the back of the shoulders.


Full Arm Massage

Sogno provides the industry's first and most effective full arm massage. Experience a gentle kneading massage as twenty air cells work on the upper arms, forearms and fingertips.

Side Press

Massages the pelvis from both sides of the buttocks, relieving the thighs and buttocks from fatigue and muscle soreness.

3-D Massage

The Sogno is extremely flexible in providing different massage intensities and can easily adjust to personal preferences. The 3D roller mechanism brings the rollers out for a deeper massage or withdraws the rollers for a more gentle massage. Rollers rotate just like real human wrists and mimic the fine movements of a massage professional.

Massage Coverage

With 13 motors, extended roller reach from the base of the skull to the upper gluts, and over 101 active air massage cells, the Sogno offers more massage coverage than any other massage chair in the world.

Adjusts to Body Size

The Sogno easily accommodates various heights and body types. The chair adjusts to a large range of heights, from 5' to 6'8".


Calves and Feet Shiatsu

Put your feet up in the fully adjustable, automated foot bed while air cells provide firm Shiatsu pressure against the backs and sides of both calves as well as the soles, insteps and heels.


Seat Heater

The heater is mounted under the seat. It warms the lower back and buttocks.


Vibration Massage Function

Vibration mechanisms are located in the seat and chair back. The soothing vibrations provide a relaxing massage.


Youth Program

The Youth Program provides a low-stimulation massage for children aged 14 years or over. For this program, the adjustable range of the roller shoulder positions during an Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator operation is extended to cover lower positions, to fit the shoulder positions of young people.



One-Touch Digital Hand-Held Control

Whether you prefer to push one button for a complete, pre-programmed massage, or personally customize each massage, there are hundreds of options and they're right at your fingertips.