-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -

-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -
-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -
-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -
-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -
-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -
-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -
-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -
-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -

-Demo-White Colour-Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair -

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1 in stock, extremely rare to have this as a demo unit!


Demo Unit- this could have a light scratch, scuff or mark. Price reflects this! Save 4000-5000$ for not having a box!

Top of the line Massage Chair! Award winning massage! Rated top 5 massage chair in the world!

 Made in Japan!! ( FDA approved class 1 medical device)

 100 engineers, 30 massage therapist , 50 million dollars in design, the closest you’ll ever get to humans hands in a massage chair. This took 4 years to complete. The best massage chair in the world for a reason!

 Why Inada?

Award-Winning Industry Recognition
Since 1962, Inada has been the maker of The Inada massage chair products have won numerous awards and accolades, including:

2015   Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies
2014   EXC!TE Award from Technology Integrator magazine
2014   Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies
2014   Featured in Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club Annual Yearbook
2010   CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Design & Engineering Showcase Award
2009   CES Design & Engineering Showcase Award
2009   American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) Pinnacle Award Finalist
2005   CES Design & Engineering Showcase Award
2004   CES Design & Engineering Showcase Award

The DreamWave Classic massage chair (formerly known as the Inada Sogno Dreamwave) is the chair that has revolutionized the massage chair industry. This iconic massage chair boasts some innovative features that had never been seen before and, quite frankly, have not been replicated since. In 2008, the DreamWave introduced full arm massage, DreamWave seat airbag technology, true 3-D back massage, iliotibial band airbag massage, trapezia massage, award-winning body design and style, and neck airbag AND roller massage...features that had never been seen before in a massage chair.

In 2014, the DreamWave added double the amount of automated programs, consecutive session capability up to 30 minutes per session, auto-recline and auto-restore, 360 degree airbag coverage of the forearms, real heat in the seat and low back, deep shiatsu sole massage inserts, and so much more!

Today you will see the body design being copied by many of the chinese imitiation massage chairs, but you will not find a chair that puts it all together like the DreamWave. Even after all these years, it is still in a class all it's own.

It has an optical body scanning technology that will make you feel like this chair "speaks to you." Over 100 airbags will massage you in areas that you had no idea could be massaged by a chair. White Glove Service is included in this once-in-a-lifetime Japanese-made massage chair.

Read the reviews for yourself. You will not find a better made, more positively-reviewed and talked about chair anywhere. If you want the very best money can buy, look no further than the Dreamwave Classic...widely known as "the best massage chair in the world"!

Shugi("Therapist's Touch") / Shiatsu Pull-Kneading Function (Neck And Shoulders)

The Shiatsu Pull-Kneading Air System is the first function offered by the industry to combine neck and shoulder work. The system lifts up the neck from both sides, after which air pads embedded in the chair neck apply Shiatsu pressure straight down. This relieves stiffness from lack of exercise or staying too long in the same position.

Full Arm Massage Function

Provides the industry’s first “full arm” air press unit. Twenty air cells work on the upper arm, forearm and fingertips. Provides thorough kneading from shoulder joint to fingertips. Experience a gentle kneading massage with your arms and shoulders wrapped in the movable unit, which adjusts laterally to your size.

Full Body Stretch Function

Stretching at a new level. A program to stretch muscles that get little use in daily life, this function lets you stretch by bending the upper body backward, making you feel as if your were stretching from head to toe.

Swing Function

New Swing Function mimics the actions of a professional massage therapist after treatment. The new side press pushes right up against the pelvis and works with the air cells in the seat to give a massage with a swaying sensation. This program is designed to help you feel even more relaxed after your massage.

Youth Program

This new program is for young people ages 14 and up, the second stage of growth. The reclining angle is automatically set to enable young people to ease stiffness and recover from the fatigue of modern life. This program gives a less stimulating massage, creating a gentle sensation to reduce the stress on young people’s bodies.



is designed after actual shiatsu massage movements.

shiatsu massage

If you love shiatsu massages, you would be thrilled to know that the Inada Sogno provides a realistic shiatsu massage. This massage chair is designed with the help of state-of-the-art Japanese engineering to deliver massage movements that mimic that of a real shiatsu master's caring hands. This allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of a shiatsu massage. Its eight shiatsu-based massage sessions provide figure-eight motions that range in intensity, pressure, movement, and speed.

2. It scans your body for a customized, targeted massage.

body scanning

No matter what body shape and size you have, you can be sure that this massage chair will deliver a massage specifically for you, thanks to its Optical Shiatsu Point Locator. Before you can enjoy the shiatsu massage from this chair, it starts by doing a body scan with an infrared scanner. After detecting your optimal shiatsu points, it will look for the appropriate massage based on its built-in 106 body profiles. Another great thing about the Inada Sogno’s body scan is it provides a way for you to override it with the use of the remote control. So whether you want this massage chair to customize your session or you want full control of how it delivers the massage, it will cater to your needs and preferences.

3. It covers more than 1,200 square inches of your body.

massage chair body coverage

No other massage chair can give you the full-body massage that the Inada Sogno gives. It covers more area than any other massage chair, ensuring maximum relaxation. Just like with other chairs in the Inada line, the Sogno is built with the Dreamwave technology. This allows the chair to move your hip area from side to side and to perform hip rotations which are excellent for people with lower back pain. Aside from the usual hip, back, and and neck areas that massage chairs target, this Inada massage chair is also equipped with rollers and airbags that target your whole arm up to your fingertips, the sides of your buttocks, the outside of your thighs, the tops of your shoulders, and the base of your head.

4. It has a youth setting.

youth massage chair

The health benefits of massage apply not only to adults but also to kids. In fact, specialists recommend that all kids, regardless of age, receive massages on a regular basis. Anyone who has seen a kid near a massage chair would know that these seats of relaxation are usually a hit with kids. What makes the Inada Sogno especially good even for kids is that it has a youth setting. This youth session is gentler, making it ideal for children, older people, and people with more delicate conditions. This does not mean that kids are able to use this chair anytime they want – it has a child safety lock and key so you can be sure that your kids are only able to use it under your supervision.

5. Its synthetic leather upholstery has anti-bacterial property.

antibacterial synthetic leatherWith the amount of time you will be spending on on of the best electric massager, care and maintenance are expected to be a concern. This Inada massage chair has a synthetic leather upholstery that is soil-resistant and easy to clean. Aside from this, it has an anti-bacterial property to keep it free from bacteria that may accumulate from hours of use.


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