CAREX Deluxe Bath Mat


Stay safe from bathroom slips and falls with the Carex Deluxe Bath Mat. The bath tub mat is shaped to fit with most bath seats and transfer benches. Hundreds of suctions cups secure the large bath mat to the tub for safety. Small drainage holes on the durable bath mat keep water from pooling. The slip-resistant bath mat has integrated scrubbers to help users clean their feet without bending over.


  • Fits in most showers and tubs. The long bath mat provides plenty of space with a 16" x 32" size but still fits in most standard showers and tubs. Its unique shape allows it to fit with most bath seats and transfer benches.
  • Features hundreds of suction cups for safety. The safety bath mat offers a sense of security with hundreds of sections cups to keep it in place in the tub. The suction cups help keep the rubber bath mat in place regardless of running water.
  • Provides a nonslip surface for users. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in any house. Our nonslip bath mat makes standing more relaxed and safer. The nonslip texture keeps users safe, at ease, and comfortable.
  • Small drainage holes prevent water from pooling. The shower bath mat features small holes throughout it to keep water from building upon it. This makes it even safer while allowing it to be a mold-resistant bath mat. Users won't have to worry about slipping on water build-up.
  • Integrated scrubbers and pumice stone make cleaning feet easy. As an added unique feature, the bath mat rug has pumice stone to add a scrubbing texture, making foot hygiene easier. This is great for those that struggle to bend over when cleaning their feet. An ideal nonslip bath mat for elderly persons or the disabled.