Apex RX Recovery Stealth 2.0 - Massage Gun

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Stealth 2.0 Handheld Percussion Massage Gun in the Apex Rx Recovery Collection.

Engage your body with the reward it deserves. This 3200 RPM percussion massage gun will alleviate almost any knot or spasm. Prepare or recover for any athletic endeavor with a quick jolt of the Apex Rx Stealth 2.0 Massage Gun. At top speed it registers only 40 decibels and 3200 RPMs and 32 pounds of Pressure.

(20) Adjustable Speeds
Powerful high torque mortar with brushless silent stroke technology
Travel Case
(4) Massage Attachment Tips
Battery 24v, 3 hour continuous usage life
Weight 2.5 LBS.
American Standard Type B Plug

Speeds Up the Recovery Process
Promotes Better Blood Flow and Circulation
Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up and Muscle Cramping
Aids in Quick Warm Ups
Designed to Break Down Muscle Knots and Muscle Spasms
Relieves Soreness and Stimulates Trigger Points
Increases Mobility and Coordination
Battles Muscle Fatigue and Soreness

Treat each muscle group for 30-90 seconds before or after work out

Please consult a physician to see if this treatment is right for you. Recovery products do not treat or cure any injury, but can be used to decrease inflammation, relieve pain and speed up recovery.