AliMed - Voice Alarm 2032

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AliMed® IQ VOICE Alarm With personalized voice messaging capabilities, the IQ Voice Alarm plays familial instructions or calming sounds in lieu of startling alarms to encourage patients to remain seated or in bed, reducing patient anxiety and falls.

Feature-rich and easy-to-use, the alarm gives caregivers the option to record and play a 20-second message before reverting to one of four tones - helping to reduce alarm fatigue in facilities with multiple monitoring systems.

Once activated, the alarm's protected settings and "Always On" technology eliminate the need for staff reconfiguration, ensuring the alarm is functioning properly.

With easy mounting to any bed or chair, the IQ Voice Alarm can be used as a pull-cord or sensor alarm, which is compatible with AliMed sensors, including pressure and ultra-thin sensor pads, roll-control belts, seatbelts, or cushions to create a complete fall monitoring system.