Personal Strength Equipment

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    Personal strength doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of hard work, dedication, and the right tools. Relaxacare wants to provide you with the latter with our collection of strength equipment.

    We have a wide range of strength-building equipment designed to fit any workout, no matter what your skill level; we have everything from personal hand weights to cast iron plates for professional weightlifters. We also have other strength accessories for other types of workouts, such as medicine balls, pull-up bars, and platforms.

    Whether you’re training to join the next sport’s league or just want to improve your overall wellness, Relaxacare has the strength tools you need to meet your goals.

    182 products
    KEISER - Half Rack Short Base
    from $8,567.00
    KEISER - Half Rack Long Base
    from $9,097.00
    KEISER - Power Rack
    from $9,097.00
    KEISER - A250 Triceps
    KEISER - A250 Upper Back
    Concorde -Tricep Flat Bar
    Lebert Fitness - Lebert Equalizer
    COREFX - Stackable Foam Plyobox
    from $201.00
    COREFX - Suspension Trainer
    COREFX - Power Tube
    from $11.00
    COREFX - Landmine Post
    COREFX - Speed Ladder
    COREFX - Power System
    COREFX - Dual Surface Gliders
    COREFX - Covered Battle Rope
    COREFX - Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights
    COREFX - Adjustable Dumbbell – 50 lbs
    Sale price $228.00 Regular price $296.00 Save $68
    COREX - Battle Rope
    COREFX - Wobble Board
    Concorde - Agility Ladder
    from $29.00
    Concorde - Ankle and Wrist Weights
    from $17.00
    Sold Out
    TheraBand Soft Weight 6.6lbs
    Sale price $13.00 Regular price $23.00 Save $10